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Satinder P. Gill

Satinder P. Gill

CMS Research Affiliate



PhD(Cantab) Experimental Psychology

Posts following PhD - Research Scientist, NTT Basic Research Labs, Japan (1997-1999) (included period as Visiting Researcher with ATR Media Lab, Nara); Dialogue Team Leader, CKIR (Centre for Knowledge and Innovation Research), Finland and CSLI, Stanford University USA (2000-2003); Senior Research Fellow, Middlesex University, London (2004-2009).

Research Interests

Social Interaction, Social Correlates of Embodiment, Entrainment, Gesture, Tacit Knowing, Art & Science


Summary of Research

Investigating the processes underlying knowledge transfer and emergence in human interaction
The role of the body in sense-making
The function of rhythm in facilitating human communication and presence
Exploration of the dynamics of technologically-mediated interaction                         Ethics and aesthetics of engagement


(i) exploration of the pragmatics of rhythm in speech and music (with Tommi Himberg and Marc Thompson);
(ii) touching sound, GISMO (Generic Interfaces for Socio-Musical Orientation), with Richard Hoadley and Helen Odell-Miller of Anglia Ruskin University, Adam Ockleford of Roehampton University, and Ian Cross in the design of a shared musical interface, requiring collaborative interaction, for therapeutic use;
(iii) investigating the rhythmic body movements that occur when people greet each other, i.e. during ‘phatic’ interaction, or ‘small talk’.

(iv) Haydn and the Art of Conversation: A Performance Workshop. Project with Tom Beghin, Maggie Faultless, Sheila Guymer, Rachel  Stroud, Elisabeth LeGuin, Ellie Nimeroski, and Mary Hunter. Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium.

 Associate Editor, AI & Society: Journal of Knowledge, Culture, and Communication. London: Springer


Organised Conference "Tacit Engagement in the Digital Age, June 26-28", a collaborative joint conference of the CRASSH 'Re-' Interdisciplinary Network and the AI & Society Journal, hosted by CRASSH and the Music Faculty. Videos of the talks are on the conference CRASSH page

Why Thinking about the Tacit is Key in a Digital Age


Invited Speaker at Michael Polanyi and The Post Critical TurnPolanyi Society, Nashota House, Milwaukee, 6-9 June 2018.

Invited Speaker, Mozart & Science: Music for Medicine and Therapy, IMC University of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria, 11-12 November 2017. 

Keynote speaker at Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music,  Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Queen’s University Belfast, 24-28 November 2016.

Keynote Speaker at Performing Knowledge, Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge, 25-26 April 2016.



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Key Publications


Gill, S. P. (2015). Tacit Engagement: Beyond Interaction. London: Springer.

Gill, S.P. (2007) (Ed.) Cognition, Communication, and Interaction: Transdiciplinary Perspectives of Interactive Technology. Human Computer Interaction Series, London: Springer.

Forthcoming Book

Gill, S.P. (2020) The Relational Interface: Where Art, Science, and Technology Meet. London: Springer


Gill, S. P., Kawamori, M., Katagiri, Y., et al. (2000) ‘Role of Body Moves in dialogue’. International Journal of Language and Communication 12, 89-114.

Gill, S. P. and Borchers, J. (2004) Knowledge in co-action: social intelligence in collaborative design activity. AI and Society, 17 (3-4), 322-33.

Gill, S. P. (2004) Body moves and tacit knowing. Cognition and technology: co-existence, convergence, and co-evolution (241-266) Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing.

Gill, S. P. (2007) Entrainment and musicality in the human system interface. AI and Society, 21 (4), 567-60.

Gill, S. P. (2008) Knowledge as embodied performance. Cognition, Communication and Interaction: Human-Computer Interaction Series, Pt I, 3-30.

Gill, S.P. (2011) Rhythmic Synchrony and Mediated Interaction: Towards a Framework of Rhythm in Mediated Interaction. In Special Issue on Witnessed Presence, AI & Society, 27 (1),

Nevejan, C. and Gill, S.P. (2011) Guest Editors. Witnessed Presence. AI & Society, 27 (1).

Gill, S.P. and Tamburrini, G. (2008) Guest Editors. Socio and Techno Ethics of Human Interaction with Communication, Bionic, and Robotic Systems. AI & Society.

Himberg, T., Thompson, M., Gill, S.P. (2013) Rhythmic Entrainment in Communicative Dyadic Improvisation. In Proceedings of International Symposium of Performance Science 2013, Vienna.

Aaron, S., Barnard, P., Cross, I., Gill, S.P., Himberg, T., Hoadley, R., Odell-Miller, H., Toulson, R. (2013) Touching Sound: Vulnerability and Synchronicity. In Proceedings of the CHI2013 Workshop in Designing for and with Vulnerable People.