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The purpose-built CMS building houses a fully equipped recording studio, computer room and research room.

Recording Studio

The state of the art CMS Recording Studio comprises a Control Room and a Recording Room. Both rooms are acoustically treated. The Control Room is based around a Pro Tools HD2 and a Sadie 5 system, and a Yamaha 02R96 digital mixing console. Tie lines from West Road Concert Hall and the Recital Room allow performances in these venues to be recorded in the studio. The Recording Room consists of a Pro Tools LE system. Both rooms also run MOTU Digital Performer, Steinberg Cubase and Apple Logic.

Other equipment includes an audiometer and a wide selection of microphones.

Computer Room

The Computer Room contains eight Apple iMacs, each with a MIDI keyboard. All Apple computers run Sibelius, Microsoft Office and Pro Tools LE. Four PCs run Sibelius and Microsoft Office. with this one: The Computer Room is largely  Apple iMacs, each with a MIDI keyboard, all running Sibelius, Microsoft Office and Pro Tools LE, and a wide range of freeware.


Research Room

Used by post-graduate researchers, the Research Room contains some highly specialised hardware and software. Facilities include an audio/HD video workstation running Pro Tools LE and The Observer XT, a sound booth providing a quiet location for experiments and SuperLab stimulus presentation software. Other software includes Matlab, SPSS, IRCAM Forumnet, HLSYN and wide range of freeware including Sonic Visualiser, Praat, Wavesurfer, STRAIGHT etc.