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Congratulations to our undergraduate students who completed research placements at SoundOut this summer! SoundOut is a world leader in new music testing, helping major record companies to predict how music will resonate with customers, and helping organisations to match brand personality to music.

Project titles:

  • Reuben Bance: Using a text-to-music generative AI to create music consistent with a SoundOut Brand Profile
  • Iona Salter: Exploring the relationship between SoundOut data and different sets of word vectors
  • Lachlan Kennedy: Relating musical features to Jungian archetypes

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Latest news

Claire Brillon to start funded PhD at McGill University

8 April 2024

We are proud to share that Claire Brillon, recent CMS MPhil student (2022-23), will be starting a funded PhD later this year at McGill University. Claire hopes to study the emotions of timbre, and will be perfectly located to do so with Stephen McAdams and Marcelo Wanderley. Congratulations Claire!

Lottie Anstee to start funded PhD at Goldsmiths College

21 February 2024

We are very pleased to hear that Lottie Anstee, recent undergraduate student at the Centre for Music and Science (2021-22), has just received a PhD scholarship from Goldsmiths, University of London. Lottie will be starting the PhD in September, working with Lauren Stewart and Katie Rose Sanfilippo. The project concerns...