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We just published a new paper in the journalĀ Current Biology, entitledĀ "Large-scale iterated singing experiments reveal oral transmission mechanisms underlying music evolution". This was a fun project where we 'evolved' melodies in massive online experiments, getting participants to vocally imitate melodies from each other in long transmission chains. The emergent structures reveal production biases (e.g. vocal constraints) as well as perception biases (e.g. tonality induction) and memory biases. They also suggest interesting effects of social dynamics on melody evolution. The work is another example of next-generation music psychology research unlocked by our PsyNet software. Check out the paper for more details, and congratulations to the lead author Manuel Anglada-Tort!

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Latest news

Claire Brillon to start funded PhD at McGill University

8 April 2024

We are proud to share that Claire Brillon, recent CMS MPhil student (2022-23), will be starting a funded PhD later this year at McGill University. Claire hopes to study the emotions of timbre, and will be perfectly located to do so with Stephen McAdams and Marcelo Wanderley. Congratulations Claire!

Lottie Anstee to start funded PhD at Goldsmiths College

21 February 2024

We are very pleased to hear that Lottie Anstee, recent undergraduate student at the Centre for Music and Science (2021-22), has just received a PhD scholarship from Goldsmiths, University of London. Lottie will be starting the PhD in September, working with Lauren Stewart and Katie Rose Sanfilippo. The project concerns...