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Recent Alumni

Elia Benhamou
  • Visiting student from École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, 2013-14
Dr Fernando Bravo
  • Postdoctoral researcher, TU Dresden
Hao Feng
  • MPhil student 2014-15
Lauren Fink
  • MPhil student 2012-13
  • PhD Student, Center for Mind & Brain, University of California at Davis
Noah Fram
  • MPhil student 2016-17
Stephan Gericke
  • M.Phil. Student 2011-12
Dr Andrew Goldman
  • Presidential Scholar in Society and Neuroscience, Columbia University
Dr. Mark Gotham
  • Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of Music
  • Affiliated Researcher, Centre for Music and Science
  • Visiting Lecturer, Royal Holloway, University of London
  • College Lecturer and Director of Music Making, Churchill College
Thomas Haniff
  • MPhil student 2014-15
Dr Guy Hayward
  • Ph.D. Student, 2009-14
Madeline Huberth
  • M.Phil. Student 2012-13
Dr Jenny Judge
  • Ph.D. Student 2010-2015
Timothy Keeler
  • M.Phil. Student 2011-12
Dr Sarah Knight
  • PhD student, 2009-13
Marcus Martin
  • M.Phil. Student 2011-2012
Malinda McPherson
  • MPhil student 2014-15
Karys Orman
  • M.Phil. Student 2012-13
Dr Gabriela Pavarini
  • Postdoctoral researcher, Neuroscience Ethics & Society Team, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford
Professor Martin Rohrmeier
  • Director, Digital and Cognitive Musicology Lab (DCML), École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne (EPFL)
Dr Barry Ross
  • PhD student 2010-14
Enrico Schleifer
  • Visiting Student (ERASMUS), University of Pavia
Dr Neta Spiro
  • Researcher at Nordoff Robbins
  • Supervisor at and Member of the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge
Charlie Williams
  • M.Phil student, 2011-2012
Becky Yau
  • M.Phil student, 2011-2012