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SEMPRE Graduate Conference - Monday 25 March 2019

This one-day SEMPRE conference was for graduate students to present and discuss their own original research in music psychology, music education, and in the wider field of music and science. Graduate students from any institution were welcome to apply to participate

The conference took place at the Faculty of Music of the University of Cambridge (UK) on March 25, 2019

Professor Martin Rohrmeier, director of the Digital and Cognitive Musicology Lab at the École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne, was the keynote speaker.

Presentations were in three formats: there were fourteen five-minute flash talks arranged in two sessions; six twelve-minute long talks, one of which was the Hickman Award talk given by Lyndsay Warrenburg; and twenty-seven poster presentations.

Conference programme and abstracts

Coordinator: Dr. Satinder P. Gill

Organisers: Carla Cao, Gabriele Cecchetti, Kaamya Varagur

Scientific Committee: Professor Ian Cross, Dr Emily Payne, Dr Mats Küssner

For further information, please contact Gabriele Cecchetti at

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