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Dr Sarah Knight

Dr Sarah Knight

PhD student, 2009-13


Academic qualifications

Ph.D, University of Cambridge, 2013
B.A. (Music), University of Cambridge, 2004-7
M.Phil (Musicology), University of Cambridge, 2007-8

About my work

My doctoral research explored the implications of entrainment-inducing stimuli and behaviours for social judgement-making and interaction. Within this topic, I am focusing on two main issues. One is the ability of entrainment-inducing behaviours to promote trust between individuals through providing temporal predictability and engendering social bonding. The second is the role of speech rhythm in persuasive oratory, and in particular its ability to increase persuasiveness through providing a locus for listener entrainment and thus promoting positive social judgements about the speaker.
In addition to my doctoral studies I supervised a number of undergraduate modules for the B.A. Music degree, including supervising undergraduate research projects.
I was also the student representative on the committee of the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research (SEMPRE).


Domestic Research Studentship (Selwyn College), University of Cambridge

Departments and Institutes

Selwyn College:

Key Publications

Conference Presentations

Hammering the message home: the perception of periodicity in persuasive oratory’ 3rd British Psychological Society Seminar on Music and Language (BPS3), 5th-6th September 2011.
‘ “We’re in this together”: entrainment and prosocial behaviour’ (with Neta Spiro) X Encuentro de Ciencias Cognitivas de la Música, La Sociedad Argentina para las Ciencias Cognitivas de la Música (SACCOM), 20th-23rd July 2011.

Exploring affiliative effects of entrainment in passive listening’ (with Neta Spiro) International Conference of Music Perception and Cognition 2010 (ICMPC11), 23rd – 27th August 2010, University of Washington.
‘Exploring affiliative effects of entrainment in passive listening’ (with Neta Spiro) CIM-SEMPRE Study Day (part of the CIM10 Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology), 22nd July 2010, University of Sheffield.
Marching to the Same Beat: Entrainment and Persuasion’ 2nd International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology (SysMus09), 18th-20th November 2009, IPEM, University of Ghent.
‘Entrainment, Oratory and Persuasion’ University of Cambridge Graduate Forum, 29th October 2009.