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Before coming to Cambridge, Jenny Judge completed her BA (Mathematics; Philosophy) and MA (Philosophy) at University College Cork, under the co-supervision of Julia Jansen and Joel Walmsley. She went on to complete a BMus at the CIT Cork School of Music, specialising in music technology, conducting and piano performance. She came to Cambridge in September 2010 to study with Ian Cross, where she was a member of St. John’s College.

While at University College Cork, Jenny won the UCC Undergraduate College Scholarship, the John Smith Prize (2004), 2nd prize in the Dr. H. H. Stewart Literary Scholarship in French and was awarded the title of College Scholar. She holds a Robert Gardiner Memorial Scholarship.

Jenny completed her PhD in 2015, arguing that musical experience constitutes a rich (and relatively untapped) resource for the philosophy of mind. The philosophy of perception, for instance, could benefit from the insights emerging from music psychology. But it’s not a one-way street. Empirical research in music cognition would also benefit from philosophical input: there are some conceptual confusions in music psychology, toward the clarification of which philosophers could, and should, contribute. She is continuing to exploring the resonances between music and philosophy at NYU, where she is embarking on a second PhD, this time in philosophy.
Ph.D. Student 2010-2015
PhD candidate, NYU
Dr Jenny  Judge
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