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Centre for Music and Science




BA(Cantab) Music, MPhil in Musicology

Research Interests

Entrainment, Voice, Gesture, Social Interaction

Summary of Research

My Ph.D. thesis (see link above) investigated the process termed ‘entrainment’ by which a group of singers can become ‘in time’ or ‘in synchrony’ with each other, which it examined through the lenses of a number of disciplines: ethnography, ethnomusicology, sociology, animal behaviour, complex systems theory, and psychology. My thesis discussed ways in which we can think about and investigate group, as opposed to simply dyadic (joint), entrainment, and showed the importance of combining the insights of both anthropological and scientific approaches.

My MPhil investigated whether we walk more in sync with another person when we are talking to them.



Domestic Research Studentship (Trinity College), University of Cambridge

Ph.D. Student, 2009-14
Dr Guy  Hayward
Not available for consultancy


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