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After completing in Rome my BSc in Physics and a Master of Music as a cellist, I became an MPhil student at the CMS, funded by a Cambridge Trust European Scholarship. Under the supervision of Prof. Ian Cross, I engaged in the exploration of the cognitive underpinnings of the experience of tonality, merging computational and theoretical tools.

My MPhil work focused on a small-scale, information-theoretical model to quantify the "cognitive similarity" between a probe tone and a tonal context, I look with eager curiosity towards the many perspectives that such an interdisciplinary approach can open for a deeper understanding of the relationship between the structure and the function of music. As present and past research in the field of music cognition testifies, investigating the way music is processed by the human (and, possibly, non-human) mind is a promising approach to unveil aspects of the mind itself.

I have developed a strong dedication to music education during several years of teaching assistantship within the educational programs of the "Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia" in Rome. I hope that the deeper cultural and analytic understanding that will stem from present and future research will also be reflected in the education of future music makers.

MPhil student, 2018-19
Doctoral assistant, Digital and Cognitive Musicology Lab, EPFL
 Gabriele  Cecchetti

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