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Centre for Music and Science




PhD. (Centre for Music & Science, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, 2014).
M.S. (Integrated Electronic Arts, Iowa State University, US, 2011).
M.S. (Clinic Psychology, AEAPG, Argentina, 2006).
B.S. Honours (Psychology, UCA, Argentina, 1998).
“Alumno Extraordinario” Status (Music Composition, Sound Design and Film-scoring, UCA, Argentina, 2006-2009).
Professional Artistic Plan (Guitar Performance, Conservatory of Music “Manuel de Falla”, Argentina, 1994-2002).
Experience with computer graphics, 3D modeling, animation, and computer music programming. Classical guitarist and composer.

Professional Practice

Professional Practice as clinical psychologist (private practice, 1999-2010), Researcher and Assistant Professor in Personality Psychology at Universidad Católica Argentina (2005-2010), Consultant in clinical psychology and music education, National Education, Science and Technology Department of Argentina (1996-2005), Concurrencia status at Ignacio Pirovano’s Hospital, Mental Health Center #1, Buenos Aires, in severe child psychopathological disorders – psychosis and autism spectrum (2001-2003).

Research interests

How musical meaning alters the emotional interpretation of events at the focus of visual attention, influence of sound on the emotional interpretation of visual contexts, non-verbal interactive multimedia applications for the diagnosis and treatment of severe psychopathological disorders.


Queens’ College Walker Cambridge Studentship (2011)
Fulbright Summer Research Grant (2010)
Fulbright Grant (2009-2011)
Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Fellowship. Iowa State University College (2011)


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Human Computer Interaction – AcceleGlove Project

Postdoctoral researcher, TU Dresden
Dr Fernando  Bravo
Not available for consultancy


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