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Ella Tunnicliffe-Glass is studying toward an MPhil at the Centre for Music and Science under the supervision of Professors Ian Cross and Sarah Hawkins. She is supported by a Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

Ella holds conjoint Bachelor of Music (Classical Performance, Baroque Flute) and Bachelor of Science (Psychology) degrees from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and in 2013 completed an honours year in Musicology at that same university. Her honours research, “The Importance of Late-Stage Processing in Absolute Pitch: Behavioural and Electrophysiological Evidence for the Two Component Model”, used EEG to explore the neural correlates of absolute pitch, and was awarded the Drake Medal for Musicology.

In Cambridge, Ella will continue to work at the interface of music and cognitive neuroscience. She intends to use behavioural and electroencephalographic measures to investigate music and speech perception, specifically how expectations shape perception of upcoming melodic or speech material. In her free time, Ella enjoys baking, travelling, going to plays, and playing a variety of instruments in orchestras, chamber groups, and brass bands.

MPhil student 2014-15

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