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Centre for Music and Science



B.A. Social Anthropology, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
M.Phil World Archaeology (Palaeolithic & Mesolithic Archaeology), University of Cambridge
Ph.D. (Stone “tools” as portable sound-producing objects in Upper Palaeolithic contexts: the application of an experimental study), University of Cambridge

Current Research Interests

Palaeolithic archaeology and the evolution of modern human behaviour
Music archaeology, particularly musical behaviours during the Upper Palaeolithic
Acoustic Ecology/Soundscapes/the Anthropology of Sound

(see Sounding out the Morning Star: Music and West Papua)


Key publications: 
  • 2015 Blake, Elizabeth. C. & Ian Cross. “The acoustic and auditory contexts of human behavior." Current Anthropology 56 (1), 81-103.
  • 2008 Blake, Elizabeth. C. & Ian Cross. “Flint Tools as Portable Sound-Producing Objects in the Upper Palaeolithic Context: An Experimental Study.” In Penny Cunningham, Julia Heeb & Roeland Paardekooper (Ed.) Experiencing Archaeology by Experiment. Oxford, Oxbow Books. 1-19.
  • 2006 Zubrow, Ezra B. W., Elizabeth C. Blake. “The Origins of Music and Rhythm.” In Chris Scarre & Graeme Lawson (Ed.). Archaeoacoustics. Cambridge: McDonald Institute Publications. 117-126.
Research Associate, Wolfson College
Affiliated Researcher, Pacific Presences Project (Oceanic Art in European Museums)

Contact Details

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Not available for consultancy


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