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Dr Dina Kronhaus recently started a five-year Wellcome Trust Career Re-entry Research Fellowship at the Centre for Music and Science.


Dina holds a BMus in Performing Arts from the Jerusalem (Rubin) Academy of Music and Dance and a PhD in Neuroinformatics from the University of Edinburgh with Professor Willshaw, where she studied the neural correlates of Affective Disorders, using analysis of fMRI data and developing novel computational modelling methods to examine the connectivity and neural reorganisation and the relationship between behavioural changes and network dynamics in patients.


Dina's current research programme aims to understand the neural mechanisms underlying cognitive and emotional responses to music. Her approach will combine behavioural, neuroimaging and computational modelling studies, to explore the neural basis underlying processing of emotion in music. These experiments will increase our understanding of how circuits dynamically reorganise in different emotional settings. Dina's fellowship is sponsored by Professor Ian Cross at the Centre for Music and Science and mentored by Professor Paul Fletcher at the Department of Psychiatry. 

Wellcome Trust Research Fellow
 Dina  Kronhaus

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