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BMus in piano performance, Northwestern University (USA)
Faculty, MFA in Music Composition for the Screen, Columbia College Chicago (USA)

Summary of Research

For my MPhil project I am studying how people learn musicality— do they learn it?— specifically through interacting with mobile games in which music plays a ludic role, that is, the rules of the game can be described in terms of the musical responses required of a player, and embodied musical gestures are the method of control for the game. The way in which I plan to measure the laden, complex concept of “musicality” is to use a game-theoretical approach to score each move made by a player, and thereby establish the degree of fluency with which they are choosing and manipulating gestures from the musical vocabulary inherent to each game.
My hope is that the mobile nature of these games will make the musical interactions more socially-grounded, thereby situating the musical responses in situations that, having been chosen by the player, are comfortable and fun, and therefore more effective in allowing the “flow” required to go from a mechanical to a fluent use of the musical symbols available in the game than might be obtained in a laboratory setting [see SingSmash].

M.Phil student, 2011-2012
 Charlie  Williams

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