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Following degrees in Music, (B.A., MSc.R.), I am undertaking doctoral research in organology, the branch of musicology concerned with musical instruments. My research examines the theory and practice of tuning, specifically with respect to fretted chordophones, circa 1550 to present. The multifaceted form of this enquiry leads me to seek commentaries from many disciplines besides music, including the humanities, natural and moral sciences.

I am more broadly curious about electric musical instruments and the place of electricity in music making, specifically:

  • Electric guitar pedagogy; particularly, the rise of popular instrument conservatories and educative literature.
  • The electric violin: technical development, cultural reception and performance practices.
  • The influence of technology upon (the idea of) musical instrument making as an artisanal craft.
  • Amplification and effects pedal technologies and user preference, particularly subjective-objective issues in the perception and quantification of sounds.  

Wider interests include:

Systematic musicology, particularly the (possibility of) empirical bases of musical phenomena; 

Music and psychological temperament;

Philosophy of musical aesthetics, specifically in relation to the experience of tuning;

The music and philosophy of G.I. Gurdjieff and T. De Hartmann;

‘Expert performance’ of musical activities, such as improvisation, composition and performance:

If you have literature or insights to share on these topics, do get in touch!

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