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Carla completed her MPhil in the Centre for Music and Science, working under the supervision of Professor Ian Cross.

She is interested in the effect of repetition on auditory perception and music cognition. In particular, her research investigates the role of acoustic signal attributes, conceptual categorization, language and the voice medium on perceptual transformations associated with repeated acoustic stimuli. Her background in music composition has also led her to focus on the difference in aesthetic and perceptual responses between non-composers and composers, particularly experimental composers.

Carla graduated with her B.S. in biology from Florida International University, a B.M. in music composition from University of Florida, and an M.M in music composition from University of Georgia. She composes and curates experimental music concerts and installations, and often integrates auditory perception research in composition.

MPhil student, 2018-19
 Carla  Cao

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