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Research Interests and Qualifications
Béatrice Sicouri studied piano performance at the Conservatorium of Music in Western Australia with Pauline Belviso, and subsequently pursued an honours degree in Organisational Behaviour and Psychology at the University of Western Australia, for which she was awarded First Class Honours in 1999. The succeeding ten years thereafter led her to a number of endeavours involving extensive travel throughout Europe, teaching and working in Italy, France, and the Netherlands. In 2009, she completed her MPhil in Musicology at the University of Cambridge. She has now successfully completed her Doctorate in Music at Cambridge under the supervision of Dr. Ian Cross. Her topic explores the longitudinal development of professional pianists in the masterclass context of the renowned pianist, Michele Campanella, at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena. This research elucidate the processes through which master-class performers re-form their own conceptualisations about music, from the moment of public inception to the final concert performance. The psycho-social and -cultural situatedness of the master-student dyad points to such issues as how the student’s response to expert behaviour affects how he/she interprets and acts, and, similarly, how the student’s interpretative focus influences his/her affect display and response. This study informs the cognitive psychology of music practice, performance, and learning, with a particular emphasis on the impact of affective response on cognition and action.

Cambridge European Trust Scholarship
Domestic Research Studentship (DRS), University of Cambridge
Dutch Scaliger Award

PhD Student 2008-15
Dr Béatrice  Sicouri

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