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Centre for Music and Science


The Centre for Music and Science aims to:

  • Continue to develop its reputation as an internationally renowned research centre in the field of music and science, with particular focus on music cognition, evolution, and communicative interaction in speech and music
  • Nurture and support an intellectually stimulating graduate research environment
  • Attract both junior and experienced researchers who have the highest potential for benefiting from the centre activities and contributing to the field
  • Facilitate and promote a continual multidisciplinary integration and collaboration of researchers and academic disciplines, both internal and external to the centre
  • Provide a forum for focused discussion, in the form of regular seminars, that brings together a range of experts from different disciplines and with different backgrounds and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and debate of current relevant research in the field
  • Encourage new collaborative research teams to undertake high quality multi-disciplinary research, incorporating current technological and scientific advances in areas such as neuroanatomy, brain imaging and the biomedical aspects of music and speech communication
  • Promote and encourage the centre’s international and multi-lingual environment